Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 vs GSR12V-300FCB22 Review

In woodworking and cabinetry, several handheld tools are required to complete the intricacies of the projects. To make things easier, Bosch has introduced two multi-tool options, the GSR12V-140FCB22 and the GSR12V-300FCB22. We are going to compare them based on torque, speed, and attachments. We will base our recommendation on project needs.

Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22

Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22

The Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 is a power drill with a 5-in-1 design offering excellent adaptability in a small, high-caliber drill/driver. The kit contains keyless chuck, locking bit holder, right-angle, and offset angle attachments as well as 2 12 V Max lithium-ion batteries, a 12 V Max fast charger, and a carrying bag.

Its keyless chuck attachment offers drilling for hard-to-drill materials. The tool has a built-in LED light to illuminate the darkest of workspaces. It also features an afterglow function that will keep the light on for 10 seconds once the tool is turned off.

The locking bit holder attachment will effectively lock hex bits in place for security during high torque drilling or driving. Additionally, the right-angle attachment is specifically designed for working in tight workspaces works in tandem with the other three attachments. It can lock into 16 different angle positions to allow you to access a variety of awkward spots. The offset-angle attachment allows for precise screwing extremely close to the edges.

This drill’s motor is two-speed. While it’s not brushless, it does offer up to 265 pounds of torque and 1300 RPM. This drill is not intended for heavy-duty applications but is meant for precision applications where you need to get the job done right the first time, like in woodworking.

It offers an LED battery level indicator on its left side that lights up as soon as you pull the trigger. This allows you to easily monitor the remainder of the battery charge, which is beneficial since there is no indicator on Bosch 12 V battery packs.

The handle design is determined by the shape of the battery. It does cause the handle to be thicker; however, the handle comfortably fits in the hand. Balance is a relative non-issue with this tool because it is so light at only 1.8 pounds, but you will notice a small shift forward depending on which chuck you are using.

Bosch GSR12V-300FCB22


The Bosch GSR12V-300FCB22 offers a 5-in-1 design with extreme adaptability in a small, high-caliber drill/driver. The kit comes with keyless chuck, right-angle, locking bit holder, and offset-angle attachments as well as 2 12 V Max batteries, a 12 V Max charger, and a carrying bag.

Like the GSR12V-140FCB22, the GSR12V-300FCB22 offers the same keyless chuck, locking bit holder, right-angle, and offset-angle attachments with all the same functions. However, it offers higher torque and speed.

The GSR12V-300FCB22 comes equipped with a brushless motor which offers a longer runtime. This model features up to 300 pounds of torque and a maximum speed of 1750 RPM. It is a two-speed motor. For high-powered driving tasks the speed is 0-460 RPM and for high-speed drilling it is 0-1750 RPM.

Without the battery, the tool only weighs 1.2 pounds. It is initially setup for basic driving with a magnetic bit holder. The four included attachments will each attach to the tool with one click and remain securely fastened until you are ready to remove them. It offers 20 + 1 precision clutch settings that allow for torque settings that are more accurate, causingreduced fastener damage.

The drill features an LED light that effectively illuminates dark workspaces. It has an afterglow function to keep the light on for 10 seconds more once the tool is turned off. You will not be limited to working only in lit areas, making this tool very useful.

The right-angle attachment and offset-angle attachment both rotate to 16 different positions without having to be removed from the tool. This offers excellent versatility and ease of use.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, both drills offer excellent features. The GSR12V-140FCB22 offers mid-range performance with 265 pounds of torque, 1300 RPM, and a non-brushless motor. We recommend this option for DIYers, woodworkers, and cabinetmakers.

On the other hand, the GSR12V-300FBC22 offers a better class of performance with 300 pounds of torque, 1750 RPM, and a brushless motor. We recommend this for DIYers, woodworkers, and cabinetmakers who need more power and precision from their drill for more detailed and intricate projects.

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