Milwaukee 2712-20 vs 2715-20 Review

When you have a lot of concrete to punch holes in, you need a powerful tool that’s going to easily take care of the job. This is where a rotary hammer comes in. Milwaukee offers two excellent models, the 2712 20 and the 2715 20, that are serious contenders for cordless options. We will base our recommendation on user skill levels as well as project needs.

Milwaukee 2712 20

Milwaukee 2712-20

The Milwaukee 2712 20 is built for hardcore masonry projects, eating concrete like candy. It offers rotary hammer action that is capable of up to 1.7 ft-lbs of torque. The torque is up to 60% higher than many comparable options but Milwaukee has added in a mechanical clutch as well. This 18 V tool can work all day off one charge.

With its Powerstate brushless motor, this drill offers very high efficiency with minimal friction and energy loss. This optimizes the running time as well as maximizes the torque intensity. It’s shielded from overheating and overcharging by Milwaukee’s proprietary Redlink Plus Intelligence system, which lengthens the machine’s lifespan.

The 2712 20 features an auxiliary handle that rotates 360degrees. You’ll find this adds more stability and allows for elevated pushing power. You’ll be able to tackle the most difficult of materials. Additionally, it features an anti-vibration system that offers increased comfort, boosting your working stamina.

This rotary drill is compatible with SDS bits. Its features 1400 maximum rpm and has 4900 bpm hammer action. You won’t have to worry about working in dimly lit locations as this drill comes with an attached LED lamp.

With three drilling and hammering modes available, you’ll be able to tackle a plethora of projects. These modes include rotary hammer, rotation only, and hammer only, which translates to chip, drill, or smash.

The tool is decently lightweight at only 6.8 pounds but still durable enough to handle those heavy-duty jobs. It offers a two-handled grip for comfort and security. It can accommodate either right-handed or left-handed use.

However, this model comes without its own battery so you will need to purchase one or use one from another compatible Milwaukee M18 FUEL tool. Additionally, it comes with no accessories like a carrying case. It does come with a 5-year tool warranty and excellent customer service.

Milwaukee 2715 20

Milwaukee 2715-20

The 2715 20 is another rotary hammer from Milwaukee featuring the SDS Plus system.

Outshining the 2712 20 is easy for this model with its 3.3 ft-lbs of impact energy and 5000 BPM impact rate.It does have a lower max rpm at 1350 when compared to the 2712 20. The two models are similar in that they are both bare-bones models that come with nothing but the tools.

The 2715 20 is lightweight at only 7.7 pounds without a compatible battery, making it easy to maneuver during any project.

It features three standard modes that include drilling, hammering and chiseling, and hammer drilling. There’s also a setting that allows for the rotation of the chisel to your desired angle before you lock it in.

When you work in low-light locations, there is a built-in LED light on the bottom of the tool to illuminate the workspace.

Because it’s cordless, it removes all the hassle of having to transport generators and extremely long extension cords around. Not to mention it gets rid of the problem of those cords getting in your way.

The vibrations measure 8.6 m/s2 and there is a separated handle section to improve vibration controls. There is also a rubber over-molding on the handle for comfort.

It features a Powerstate brushless motor that will provide you with more power, longer life, and an extended run time. With Redlink Plus Electronic Intelligence, there is advanced communication between your rotary hammer and your battery, which will allow for an unmatched level of productivity, performance, and protection.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, both rotary hammers offer excellent features. The 2712 20 offers 1.7 ft-lbs of torque, 1400 rpm, and 4900 BPM. We recommend this for professionals as well as DIYers.

On the other hand, the 2715 20 offers 3.3 ft-lbs of torque, 1350 rpm, and 5000 BPM. We recommend this for professionals who have more advanced projects to work on.

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