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DEWALT DCD771C2 vs DCD780C2 vs DCD790D2 Review

You’ve got a lot of holes to drill, a lot of screws to drive, and you don’t want cords getting in your way. Maybe you’ve had other DeWalt tools, maybe you’ve decided to give them a try. After all, they’ve been in the power tool business for almost 100 years. They have an excellent reputation and offer a great warranty.

Let’s take a look at these three cordless drill kits offered by DeWalt and see which one will best help you finish the job.








DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt launched their line of 20V MAX lithium-ion battery-powered tools in 2011. The DCD771C2 drill began selling in 2013. It’s made for home users, do-it-yourselfers, and for occasional use by professionals. The 20-volt battery gives it plenty of power even for drilling light masonry jobs. The charge in the 1.3Ah batteries lasts for a few hours of steady work. This DCD771C2 kit comes with two batteries and a charger so there never has to be any downtime.

The drill weighs 3.6 pounds with the battery on-board. The 20V batteries slide onto the bottom of the drill, giving it a stable base. The DCD771 is 8.7 inches long and has a balanced feel and ergonomic grip, something that many reviewers praise. It’s not the pro version, so it’s not as light or as small or as powerful as the other two drills described below. The motor is not brushless, like the DCD790D2.

On top of the drill is the speed selector, and it’s big enough to slide even when you’re using gloves. The 2-speed transmission runs between 0-450rpm and 0-1500rpm. To make it easy to choose the right amount of torque there are 16 clutch settings. There’s a switch above the trigger to reverse drill spin direction. The same switch locks off the drill when pushed into the middle position.

The included charger is the DCB106. This charger is sensitive to temperature and best operates between 65 and 75 degrees F.

More features of the DCD771C2 Drill Kit

  • Drill features an LED light above the trigger to illuminate the work piece
  • ½” plastic ratcheting chuck allows one-handed bit changes
  • 2-speed transmission with 16 clutch settingsto select just the right amount of torque
  • Two 1.3Ah rechargeable 20Volt MAX lithium-ion batteriescome in the kit
  • Included battery charger takes about an hour to recharge the batteries from empty
  • Soft contractor bagto carry it all to the jobsite
  • DeWalt offers a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, 1-year free service contract, and 3-year limited warranty

DEWALT DCD780C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Drill/Driver Kit

The DeWalt DCD780C2 has been selling since 2011. It is the professional sibling of the DCD771. It’s more powerful, lighter in weight, and smaller in size and it has some extras that the DCD771 kit doesn’t have. The DCD780C2 is rated for 350 unit-watts-out, which is more power than the DCD771 has at 300 UWO. The 2-speed transmission switches between 0-600rpm and 0-2000rpm. There are 16 settings on the clutch dial.

There are some other nice touches that make this drill kit better than the DCD771C2 for the pros. The DCD780C2 has a ½” plastic ratcheting chuck like the DCD771, but it has carbide inserts to better grip drill bits and that makes itlast longer under heavy use. The LED light above the trigger sustains an afterglow for 20 seconds after the drill stops. The rapid charger is Energy Star rated and can handle less-than-ideal temperatures for charging. The drill comes with two 1.5Ah batteries but it can also run off DeWalt’s 3.0Ah batteries. (The charger can also refill the larger capacity batteries if you have them.)

More features of the DCD780C2

  • Drill weighs 3.4 pounds with battery and measures 7.5-inches long
  • The kit comes with a bit holder onboard the drill, a belt hook, and a hard plastic case
  • The included charger refills the included batteries in 30 minutes
  • DeWalt offers a 90-day satisfaction money-back guarantee, 1-year free service contract, and 3-year limited warranty

DEWALT DCD790D2 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

The DCD790D2 is the real pro tool out of these three kits. First off, it has a brushless motor, something the other two drills don’t have. Brushless motors last longer over 50% longer on a charge and need less maintenance, which makes them better for professional contractors.

Although the drill has a two-speed transmission like the other drills in this article, it has the highest power rating at 360 unit-watts-out. There are 15 clutch settings so you can use just the right amount of torque. It’s also the smallest in size of the three drills at 7.2 inches long, but it weighs slightly more than the other pro model, the DCD780, at 3.5 pounds with battery.

The DCD790D2 is designed for durability. It has a ½” metal ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts. The chuck is keyless and you can change bits with one hand. DeWalt says its XR batteries last 30% longer than regular lithium-ion batteries. The XR batteries in this kit are 2.0Ah, so they run longer anyway than the batteries in the other two kits. They each have a handy LED fuel gauge on them so you can see when it’s getting close to time for a recharge.

The LED light is thoughtfully placed in the foot to avoid shadows cast by the chuck. Its illumination continues for 20 seconds after the trigger is released. On the other drills you might block the light by the trigger if you’re wearing gloves, but not on this one.

All-in-all, the DCD790D2 benefits from DeWalt’s experience with earlier drill models and will stand up to long days on the job.

More features of the DCD790D2

  • Transmission speeds are 0-600rpm and 0-2000rpm
  • Speed selector is on top of the drill and reverse selector is above the trigger
  • Middle position locks off the drill, a nice safety feature to avoid injuries
  • Ergonomic handle with balanced weight and bumpers for protection on the motor housing
  • Kit includes two 2.0Ah batteries and a rapid charger, a belt hook, and a hard case
  • DeWalt offers a 90-day satisfaction money-back guarantee, 1-year free service contract, and 3-year limited warranty


If you need a drill for occasional projects around the house, consider the DCD771C2 kit. It’s great for light-to-medium use. Anyone that has used a 12V or less cordless drill will find this one to be a serious upgrade.

If you’re a contractor that needs to do some light drilling and driving in your day-to-day work, consider the DCD780C2 or even the DCD790D2. The DCD780C2 is lighter in weight than the other two drills reviewed here. The batteries included with the DCD780C2 are more than adequate for light professional use. This drill is also powerful enough for most common drilling and driving, from soft woods to a little masonry work.

If you’re drilling and driving frequently, consider getting the DCD790D2. It’s the most durable of the three drills and its batteries are the longest-lasting.The fuel gauge built into the batteries helps you avoid running out of power without warning. The DCD790D2 is also the only one of the three drills with a brushless motor and it is the most powerful.


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