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Milwaukee 2407-22 vs 2606-22CT Review

Whether you need a light-duty drill, or something for tougher jobs, Milwaukee has something for you. In this review you’ll see both 12-volt and 18-volt drills. Let’s look at both of these kits to see which one will be the best for you.

Milwaukee 2407-22

Milwaukee 2407-22

Milwaukee 2606-22CT

Milwaukee 2606-22CT









Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit

Milwaukee’s 2407-22 kit contains a compact 3/8” drill that will help you complete light-duty tasks in wood, plastic, and metal. It weighs just 2.75 pounds and measures 7-3/8” long. The angled barrel helps you get screws into tight places while the built-in LED light helps you see where you’re working.

The 2407-20 drill puts out up to 275 inch-pounds of torque, plenty to sink screws into 2x4s for building a deck. The all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck holds bits securely but makes it easy to change them.

The chuck holds up to 3/8-inch shank bits. If you prefer a ½-inch chuck for wider compatibility with other accessories, check out the other kit below.

The 2407-20 drill also has a two-speed transmission. It offers 0-400rpm for precision control, and 0-1500rpm for speedy drilling or driving. The 18+1 clutch settings let you dial in just the amount of power you need.

The 1.5Ah capacity 12-volt batterieslast for hours of work, then each one recharges in 30 minutes while you take a break. In case you want see the battery status, just check the on-board fuel gauge. And since these are lithium-ion batteries, you can still work in freezing temperatures without a problem.

More features of the Milwaukee 2407-22 drill kit

  • Kit includes two M12 REDLITHIUM batteries, charger, and carrying case
  • Milwaukee offers a 5-year warranty on the drill and a 2-year warranty on the batteries

Milwaukee 2606-22CT M18 1/2″ Drill Driver CP Kit

If you want more power and speed than the 2407-20 drill offers, but with the trade-off of just a little more weight, the 2606-22CT kit may be just what you need. This drill has a 4-pole frameless motor that offers up to 500 inch-pounds of torque. This leap-up in power adds only a few ounces of weight for a total of 2.9 pounds. That’s nice and light for an 18-volt drill.

The 2606-22CT drill is made to endure tough work conditions so it can keep up with you. It has Milwaukee’s REDLINK Intelligence that protects against overheating. That means you can use the tool without worrying you’ll burn out the motor.

The ½-inch all-metal ratcheting chuck is compatible with a wide range of accessories including sanding pads, hole saws, and wire brushes. It’s tough enough to keep a tight grip on both round and hex shank bits.

The two-speed transmission on the drill offers a low gear up to 400rpm, and up to 1800rpm in high gear. Combine that with the 16+1 clutch settings and you’ll have precision you want to get the job done right.

As for durability, Milwaukee built the 2606-22CT with a metal gear case to resist drops. While the barrel of this drill isn’t angled like the 12-volt drill described above, it’s well-balanced for easy control. The handle of the 2606-20 has a non-slip texture for good grip with gloves or bare-handed. And there’s one more feature to make your work easier–the LED work light under the barrel illuminates where you are drilling and driving while you hold the trigger.

The kit includes two lithium-ion battery packs that recharge in just 30 minutes on the included charger. Each battery has its own built-in fuel gauge to show you how much charge is left. The charger will help you eliminate workbench clutter because it can refill both 12-volt and 18-volt batteries.

More features of the Milwaukee 2606-22CT drill kit

  • Milwaukee offers a 5-year warrantyon the drill and a 2-year warranty on the batteries
  • Drill is 7-1/4” long
  • Kit includes two M18 REDLITHIUM batteries, 12V/18V charger, and carrying case


Whether you’re a pro or a homeowner doing light duty jobs and occasional repairs, the Milwaukee 12V 2407-22 kit is a convenient, lightweight addition to your tool collection.

If you need more power, or plan to do hard jobs with your drill, consider the 18V 2606-22CT kit. It has more torque and speed along with Milwaukee’s REDLINK protection against tool burnout.

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