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Bosch PS21-2A vs PS41-2A Review

When you have a lot of fastening and driving to do, using a heavy tool gets old fast. Don’t settle for a sore wrist at the end of the day. Switch to a lightweight tool that still has plenty of power to finish the job. Let’s take a look at these two pocket drivers from Bosch to see which one is the best for you.

Bosch PS21-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

Bosch PS21-2A

Bosch PS21-2A

Yes, it looks like a toy in a lunchbox. But what toy can drive screws into wood and soft metals with 265 inch-pounds of torque?

No, it isn’t as fast as a larger impact driver. The top rotational speed is only 1300rpm. But it’s very light and balanced when you hold it in your hand. It weighs 1.8 pounds and measures just 5.6 inches from to back.

This PS21-2A pocket driver from Bosch is the perfect tool for working in tight places or doing repetitive driving overhead. It has 20+1 clutch settings that allow for precision driving, and even one mode for drilling. The three LED lights around the chuck cast a bright light on the area where you’re working.

Since it’s a driver, not a regular drill, you’ll need to use hex bits, but you’re not limited to a certain kind. The PS21-2A accepts all common ¼” hex bits.

It runs off Bosch’s 12V Max Lithium-Ion batteries. This kit includes two of them, and a 30-minute charger.

If you want a small-size driver like the PS21-2A but the torque it offers just isn’t enough, check out the PS41-2A below.

More features of the Bosch PS21-2A kit

  • Comes with a soft carrying case
  • The standard Bosch tool warranty is just 1 year, but the PS21-2A is eligible for the ProVantage extended warranty program (see below for details)


Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

Bosch PS41-2A

Bosch PS41-2A

This PS41-2A impact driver is a leap upward in power from the PS21-2A, but it’s still lightweight and compact. It puts out an astonishing 930 inch-pounds of power with up to 2600rpm for drilling.

Like the previous driver, the PS41-2A has a ¼” hex chuck for hex bits only. It measures only 5.4 inches back to front, which makes it a little bit smaller. It weighs just a bit more at 2.13 pounds, but for that extra weight you’ll have almost three times the torque.

Since it’s an impact driver, it has rotational and percussive power. It’s rated for up to 3100bpm under no load. That’s one reason why the PS41-2A seems more like a pro tool than the PS21-2A. The other reasons are the Durashield tool casing and all-metal gearbox. Bosch manufactured the PS41-2A to withstand 25 drops onto concrete from a height of 12 feet.

Like the other driver, this one has three LED lights around the collar illuminate that illuminate your working area. But another new feature is the on-board fuel gauge above the trigger. It shows when it’s time to recharge the batteries. The two 12V Max Lithium-Ion batteries fill in about an hour on the charger included in the kit.

The PS41-2A is also eligible for the ProVantage warranty program. This offers free tool replacement for the first year. Then there are free tool repairs during the second and third years, plus two years of free battery replacements.


More features of the Bosch PS41-2A kit

  • Comes with a soft carrying case
  • The standard Bosch tool warranty is just 1 year, but the PS41-2A is eligible for the ProVantage extended warranty program



These two lightweight compact drivers from Bosch are perfect for doing a lot of repetitive driving and fastening tasks.

If you don’t need a lot of torque and aren’t in a big hurry, the PS21-2A might be just what you need. You can even do basic drilling with it. It’s a nice all-around tool that you’ll reach for again and again. The 30-minute charger and two batteries included in the kit will keep you working steadily.

If you love the small size but need much more power, get the PS41-2A. It has an amazing amount of torque for a tool its size, and it’s a true impact driver. It has a convenient on-board fuel gauge, and it’s made to survive drops and falls.

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