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Bosch PS30-2A vs PS31-2A Review

Are you spoilt for choice between the Bosch ps30-2a and ps31-2a drill drivers and not sure which one would work for you? Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two drill drivers manufactured by Bosch to help you settle on one of the products.

Bosch PS30-2A

Bosch PS30-2A

Bosch PS31-2A

Bosch PS31-2A









The Bosch PS30-2A

The Bosch PS30-2A is a portable 3/8-inch drill driver with a compact design and provides power, speed and performance in drilling operations. It is not just easy to use, but also efficient and comfortable. In addition to its durable sturdy design, the drill driver features a dual-speed chuck with three jaws.

The drill driver model is powered by a 12V Li-ion battery for prolonged use. It is possible for you to remove batteries before a complete charge without affecting the memory chip. The battery comes with an electronic cell protection feature to safeguard it from overheating, over discharge and overload. Power loss is minimal and it takes only 30 minutes to fully charge these batteries.

The PS30-2A’s high torque-weight ratio attributes to its powerful performance. Its compact yet innovative design can accommodate up to 90% of common uses. You can easily and securely use the round shaft bits, thanks to the drill driver’s 3/8-inch chuck with one sleeve. For you to enjoy comfort and flexibility in your drilling kit, the driver comes in a compact design and light weight.

Its 2.4-pound weight enables it to be used in continual over-the-head applications, in addition to easily accessing hidden corners. With a size that is 50% smaller than most drilling drivers in the market, this tool has a streamlined shape for enhanced comfort to allow its prolonged use without you getting tired easily.

Designed to work at a gear speed of 400 to 1,100 RPM at 220 in.lbs torque, your PS30-2A drill driver can easily drill holes of ½-inch in diameter. This means that you can use this tool in labor-intensive drilling operations that require maximum power and speed. You can complete a number of jobs using this tool because it comes with versatile dual speed and 20+1 clutch settings to allow for precision in the specific task being handled. This also helps minimize over-torque in materials with soft bases.

With more control over the tool and access to a responsive trigger, you can avoid splintering wood or stripping screws by setting the drill driver’s speed to a manageable level. The tool is also designed to resist tough conditions, like being dropped on a hard or rough surface. Its universal bit holder ensures that you have access to your tool on the go and the LED feature illuminates working areas.

The drilling tool comes with a Pro Vantage protection plan that lasts 3 years that covers free replacement of dead batteries in two years and drill driver protection for one year. A free package for repairing the tool is also accessible in the 2nd and 3rd years. The tool comes packed with two 12V Li-ion batteries, a case for storage and a charger that fully charges a battery in 30 minutes only.

The Bosch PS31-2A

The Bosch PS31-2A drill driver also comes with all the features above found in the PS30-2A model. However, the difference between the two drill drivers is in terms of power and performance. Unlike the previous Bosch drill driver model, the PS31-2A has a more compact design of up to 22%. Its max torque is 25% more than the PS30-2A model, and 15% faster. It also comes with a fuel engage embedded on the side of the drill driver for easy tool monitoring. It has minimum gear of 0 to 350 RPM and a maximum of 0 to 1,300 at 265 in.lbs max torque. With a 2.14-pound weight, this tool is lighter and has a 7-inch length.


The Bosch PS30-2A drill driver is used in light applications whereas the PS31-2A model is used in heavy-duty applications by professionals. Go for the Bosch PS31-2A model if you are a profession mason or contractor in need of powerful drilling tools for your varied applications.


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Click here to purchase Bosch PS31-2A on Amazon!