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Ingersoll-Rand 2130 vs 231C Review

If you need a high impact power tool for automotive projects at home or professionally, an air impact wrench may be a good addition to your tool set. Air impact wrenches are designed to help you effortlessly overcome difficult sockets or bolts. Ingersoll-Rand has two types of air impact wrenches with similar features, but they each have a few differences that you should know about. Let’s take a look at both, and explore which option might be the best one for you!

Ingersoll-Rand 2130 Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand 2130
Ingersoll-Rand 2130

The Ingersoll-Rand 2130 air impact wrench is lightweight at only 4.2 pounds, and comes with an aluminum hammer case for durability. This product delivers 500 feet / pounds of maximum torque, delivering professional-grade results for all your automotive needs. This product is great for brake work, tire rotation, tightening or removing lugs, spring and shock work, front-end work, and many other automotive necessities.

This product comes with a twin-hammer mechanism to ensure longevity of the product. The Ingersoll-Rand 2130 is only 7.25 inches long, so it can fit into tight spaces easily, for your convenience. A full stroke tease throttle accompanies this, and variable trigger speeds for maximum control.

The Ingersoll-Rand 2130 has a composite housing material, along with easy glide reverse and forward switching. This product also comes with multi-position power management, to give you more control while using this product.

This product has simplified maintenance structures and wastes less energy, on top of having fewer working parts, to make using the Ingersoll-Rand 2130 as simple as possible. This product also comes with 7,000 RPM, to save you time by working fast. This product works with a minimum hose size of 3/8 inch.

More features of the Ingersoll-Rand 2130 Air Impact Wrench

  • Torque range is 50 to 500 feet per pound
  • Load air consumption is 22 liters cfm
  • Average air consumption is 4.4 liters cfm
  • 96.6 dB(A) of sound pressure

Ingersoll-Rand 231c Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand 231C
Ingersoll-Rand 231C

The Ingersoll-Rand 231c air impact wrench is very similar to the previous product, in its lightweight design at 5.8 poundsand ergonomic features. This product comes with a contoured handle, which makes gripping the Ingersoll-Rand 231c easier and more comfortable. This product also has two-piece construction, which makes servicing or adjustments easy to make.

This product has addable lengths to reach difficult fasteners, and comes with spring-loaded detent balls. These spring loaded balls latch onto any socket you are working with, so you don’t have to worry about dropping or losing them. The Ingersoll-Rand 231c also comes with pressure-feed lubrication, allowing you to work longer.

Similar to the previous product, the Ingersoll-Rand 231c also comes with a twin hammer mechanism, and an adjustable power regulator. This regulator allows you to control how much torque you want to use at any given time. The Ingersoll-Rand 231c can deliver a maximum torque of 600 foot / pounds.

The extension bars that come with this set are made of chrome vanadium steel for lasting use. The Ingersoll-Rand 231c delivers 8,000 RPM, and comes pre-lubricated in the package for your convenience. Like the former product, the Ingersoll-Rand 231c is suitable for professional mechanic work. Minimum hose size is 3/8 of an inch.

More features of the Ingersoll-Rand 231c Air Impact Wrench

  • Torque range is 25 to 350 feet per pound
  • Load air consumption is 22 liters cfm
  • 99 dB(A) of sound pressure


Air impact wrenches are great for mechanic work at the shop or at your home. Ingersoll-Rand has created two great air impact wrenches to meet your needs. If you prefer a lighter-weight wrench, with full stroke tease throttle and higher torque range, the Ingersoll-Rand 2130 is a great option for you. Contrastingly, if you prefer a two-piece construction for easy service, extension bars, and pre-lubrication, the Ingersoll-Rand 231c may be a better choice for your needs. Either way, both wrenches provide great durability and performance, making both a great choice for your at home or professional mechanic needs.

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