Makita LXDT01 vs BTD144 Review

When it comes to power tools, Makita is definitely one of the top brands to look for.  In this comparison guide we take a look at two of Makita’s best 18v cordless impact drivers.  2015 marks 100 years of innovation for Makita in the industry, producing some of the industry’s best and most innovative tools.  This comparison showcases the BTD144 and LXDT01 models.  While they may appear to be the same on the surface they have differences that set them apart from each other.

Makita LXDT01
Makita LXDT01
Makita BTD144
Makita BTD144









Makita BTD144

First off in this comparison, the BTD144 offers a variable three speed power selection switch to provide precise fastening control for a multiple applications. The three speeds are:

0-1,300/0-2,000/0-2,600 RPM

0-1,300/0-2,800/0-3,400 IPM

The Brushless Motor Technology by Makita offers an enhanced motor efficiency which delivers over 20% longer battery life over competitors.  The Brushless Motor provides an amazing 1,420 pounds of maximum torque for those tough construction jobs.  Another great feature about the battery is that it features an LED warning light that flashes when it is due for a recharge.  This model comes with a three year warranty on the drill and a one year warranty on the charger and battery.

The BTD144’s design and power allows you to use it for a variety of tasks from carpentry and woodworking to HVAC, assembly, and automotive.  The versatile design of this impact driver allows you to reach tight corners while still having enough power to perform the work.  The motor is designed to handle deck screws, TEK screws, lag bolts, etc.  The built in LED light illuminates your work surface so you can see exactly where you are working in poorly lit areas.  The one-touch chuck makes it easy to change bits when you need to change between drilling a hole and driving in a bolt.

When you purchase the BTD144 you receive two 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, the unit itself, a 30 minute Rapid Optimum Charger, and a sturdy carrying case.

Makita LXDT01

Like the BTD144, the LXDT01 is one of Makita’s signature cordless brushless impact drivers.  The three power selection switch delivers precise fastening control for multiple uses.  The three speeds are:

0-1,3000/0-2,000/0-2,600 RPM

0-1,3000/0-2,800/0-3,400 IPM

Unlike the BTD144 that delivers 1,420 pounds of maximum torque, the LXDT01 delivers 1,460 pounds of maximum torque.  The battery delivers up to 20% longer battery life over competitors.  There is also a warning light and built in LED light that flash when you need to recharge the battery.  The Brushless motor is controlled electronically in order to save battery life which allows it to run up to 50% longer on a single charge than normal 18v lithium batteries.

This impact driver is great for general contractors, electricians, woodworkers, and automotive professionals.  The built in clip on the side allows you to carry it easily on your tool belt or clip it to your pocket.


While these drivers may appear to be similar, the LXDT01 offers 40 more pounds of torque, an easier grip handle, and electronic control in the motor for more efficient battery use.  Depending on the frequency of use, the BTD144 may be a better value.  For everyday use the LXDT01 is the better choice as the motor is designed to save battery life to extend it for longer use.


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