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Makita CT225R vs CT322W Review

If you’re on the lookout for a new compact cordless drill, then the Makita line of products is definitely a good place to start. While the company has a wide range of products on offer, knowing the right one to choose to best suit your needs can be a minefield. The following two cordless drills sets are two of Makita’s top selling models right now. Let’s take a look to see what they both have to offer.

Makita CT225R Review

Makita CT225R

Designed with the professional user in mind, the Makita CT225R is a combo pack containing a top-quality cordless drill that’s both compact and powerful and fit for tackling a wide range of industrial projects along with a lightweight and compact impact driver to be used when needing to secure applications in restricted places.

Being powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, there’s no stopping this drill. It’s very efficient with a battery that holds charge for a long time. The other benefit of having this type of battery is that they’re fast charging and can be fully powered in less than 30 minutes.

One of the key features this drill has to offer is that its equipped with Star Protection capabilities. What this means is that both the tool and the battery are capable of exchanging data in real time in which to better monitor the conditions while being used. Using this kind of innovative technology helps to protect the tool against overheating, overloading, and over-discharging.

The measurements of the CT225R are 12” x 12” x 11”, and it weighs 6.74 pounds. And in terms of comfort and versatility, it has 21 different grasp setting for use in a wide range of applications, offering a great deal of precision every time you use it.

So, while it may not be the smallest or the lightest drill on the market, it is one accurate powerhouse none-the-less.

Makita CT332W Review

Makita CT322W

Next up we have the CT332W combo pack. Straight from the get-go, you can see that the CT322W has a completely different look about it. Out goes the traditional Makita blue/green, and in comes a very sleek and professional looking black and white design.

As well as achange in appearance, the Makita CT332W also has a few differences from that of the CT225R. Firstly, it’s a lot smaller to that of its predecessor. This drill is just 9.3” x 13” x 10” in size. But don’t let the compact size fool you as it weighs 10 pounds, which is quite a lot more than the CT225R. Another key difference between the pair lies in that of the battery. While the CT225R comes with 2.0 Ah batteries, the CT322W batteries have a capacity of just 1.5 Ah.

They also come with slightly different designed tool bags and you get a 6-LED bulb flashlight with the CT322W that’s not included with the CT225R.

Both models are incorporated with Star Protection Computer Controls so by the same token, both have the added benefit of an advanced level of protection. And likewise, they both come with the same impact driver as part of the package.


There’s no doubt about it that Makita is more than capable of producing high-class, quality drills fit for a range of industrial purposes, and both the CT225R and the CT322W display that perfectly. Both offer a high level of accuracy in their applications and both are proven workhorses designed to keep you working.

While the CT322W does offer a better overall look, and a more compact design, the fact that it weighs quite a lot more is a bit of a disappointment. As is the fact that the battery capacity is lower in the new model.

If you’re in need of a decent cordless drill that’s both durable and versatile, then either model will suffice. But whether the CT322W is worth the extra spend, still remains to be seen.

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