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Makita HR4002 vs Bosch 11240 Review

When it’s time to drill holes in concrete, the pros prefer using a rotary hammer. Hammer drills get the job done, but a rotary hammer makes the job easy.

These two rotary hammers from Bosch and Makita are what you want when you have a masonry job to complete. Let’s look at them both and see which one will be the best for you.

Makita HR4002

Makita HR4002

Bosch 11240

Bosch 11240







Makita HR4002 1-9/16-Inch SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer

Makita’s HR4002 has a 10Amp motor that puts out 2500bpm in hammer mode. It outputs up to 4.6ft-lbs, or 6.2 joules, of impact energy. What can you do with that? Break down old concrete, break up hard clay, remove tiles, scale rust from metal, quickly sink holes in cinderblock and masonry, and a lot more. Even with all this hard work, it doesn’t vibrate excessively or make a lot of noise. The soft grip makes it nice to hold and helps dampen vibration, too. This is superior to Bosch’s 11240 hammer described below which has no specific ant-vibration technology.

The HR4002 measures 18” from handle to tip, so it compact size helps you work in tight areas. The variable-speed trigger is large enough to use with two fingers, and that helps reduce fatigue on all–day jobs.

This rotary hammer uses SDS-Max bits in a spring-loaded chuck. “SDS” stands for the German words that mean “Insert, Twist, Secure,” and that’s all you have to do to use them. SDS-Max bits are great for demolition jobs.

You can change out bits fast with just one hand, and you can angle them into 12 different positions. Bits spin up to 680rpm (under no load) when it’s in “hammer with rotation” mode. If your bit binds, the clutch disengages the gears. While the HR4002 is idling, the hammer action stops.

More features of the Makita HR4002 Rotary Hammer

  • Measures 4.5 x 18 x 10.1 inches and weighs 13.7lbs
  • Power cord is 9.8ft long
  • Total rated vibration   17.5m/s2
  • Comes with a plastic carrying case, side handle, depth gauge, and hammer bit grease
  • Makita offers a 1-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee


Bosch 11240 1-9/16-Inch 10 Amp SDS-Max Combination Hammer

The Bosch 11240 is even more powerful than the Makita HR4002. It has 5.2ft-lbs of impact energy compared to the Makita’s 4.6ft-lbs.The hammer action hits up to 3000bpm under no load, while the top no-load rotation speed is just 400rpm. But even with these specifications, the Bosch is a little smaller and lighter than Makita’s hammer.

It comes with a side handle that rotates 360 degrees around the barrel. The main handle is large enough that the user can wear gloves and still keep two fingers on the trigger. The 11240 uses the SDS-Max bit system, so it’s easy to swap bits with one hand. Just pull back the sleeve, insert the bit, and twist it to set it into place. If a bit binds during drilling, the hammer has a slip clutch to stop the rotation to keep the motor from overloading.

Put the 11240 into hammer mode only and you can select 12 different positions for chipping bits or chisel tips you’re using. This tool operates in rotary hammer or just hammer mode. (Sorry, no plain old rotary mode here—you’ll still need a drill/driver for some jobs.) This is a demolition beast that will help you take apart old concrete, tear down tile, and make anchor holes all day long. It can handle up to 2-1/2” holes in concrete with a through-hole bit. With a core bit, it can tackle up to 4 inches.

Bosch made the 11240 easy to service so you can plan on years of using it with just minor maintenance. The carbon brushes are easy to access so they can be checked or replaced when needed. Bosch recommends breaking in the tool with light use for the first 5 hours of operation. They say that the 11240 may take up to 2 minutes to warmup to full-power operation if it’s being used in freezing weather.

More features of the Bosch 11240 Rotary Hammer

  • Weighs 13.2lbs and is 17-1/4” long
  • Comes with auxiliary handle and hard carrying case
  • Bosch offers a 1-year warranty



This is a tough choice to make. The Bosch is a little more powerful, and the Makita has a little faster rotation. They’re pretty close in both weight and size. Both come with a 1-year warranty, but Makita offers a 3-day money-back guarantee as well.

If you want the most power for the price, and you don’t mind the vibration, get the Bosch 11240.

If you want almost as much power but with the added protection and comfort of anti-vibration technology, get the Makita HR4002. This tool is probably the better choice for users with hours of demolition work to complete.


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