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Makita XFD131 vs XFD061 Review

If you are in need of a product that can deliver great power and durability, you may want to purchase a driver drill. Driver drills are excellent for providing variety and control for many bolt and fastening needs. Makita comes with two very similar driver drill sets, each with a few different features you should be aware of before making a purchase. Let’s take a look at both, and see which would be the best for you!

Makita XFD131 Driver Drill

Makita XFD131
Makita XFD131

The Makita XFD131 driver drill weighs only 3.8 pounds, and has a compact design at 6-5/8 inches for maximum convenience while working. This is accompanied by a soft handle grip, made out of rubber, that helps you work longer more comfortably. This also features dual L.E.D. lights to help you easily use this product in dimly lit corners of hard to reach places.

This driver drill also provides a BL Brushless motor, which lengthens the life of the product by allowing the motor to run cooler. This motor also allows the product to work an additional 50% longer after a single charge, for your convenience. The BL Brushless motor also matches your RPM and torque to ensure that energy is used optimally to meet each job’s demands.

The Makita XFD131 has a transmission with 2 speeds, allowing you more control and variability for each unique task you approach. Extreme Protection Technology is included with this product, making it dust, debris, and water-resistant. This is combined with a metal gear housing, as well as metal gears, for durability on the job.

This product comes with an 18-volt battery for you convenience, as well as a charger and a tool bag. These accessories allow you to get started working much faster, and provide easier transport from jobsite to jobsite. This product also comes with Star Protection Computer Controls, which defends your battery against unwanted damages.

More features of the Makita XFD131 Driver Drill

  • 1/2 inch chuck size
  • Max torque of 440 inch / pounds
  • Max RPM of 1900

Makita XFD061 Driver Drill

Makita XFD061
Makita XFD061

The Makita XFD061 driver drill is also similarly lightweight at 3.8 pounds, and has a compact length of 7-14 inches. This product also comes with a rubber grip handle with a softer touch, to allow you to work easily for a long period of time. The Makita XFD061 features dual L.E.D. lights as well, enabling you to work with ease in darker spaces.

This product also comes with a BL Brushless motor, which can work 50% longer following one full, single charge. This is accompanied by RPM and torque matching, much as the last product had, to meet the unique requirements of every job you approach.

The Makita XFD061 also comes with a 2-speed transmission, which is suitable for a wide variety of tasks. Like the former product, this product also comes with Extreme Protection Technology, as well as metal gear housing and gears, for additional product protection in a variety of environments.

This driver drill comes with an 18-volt battery, as well as a charger and tool bag for your convenience. This is combined with Star Protection Computer Controls, which protect your device from overheating, over-discharging, and overloading suddenly. It accomplishes this by increasing the communication between the battery pack and the product, ensuring you get great life and use out of the Makita XFD061.

More features of the Makita XFD061 Driver Drill

  • 1/2 inch chuck size
  • Max torque of 530 inch / pounds
  • Max RPM of 1550


A driver drill can deliver heavy-duty quality and durability fit for any difficult task, making it a wonderful option for professional and at home projects. If you need a driver drill that can deliver a more compact design, two speed options and user comfort, then the Makita XFD131 is the best fit for your needs. Conversely, if you need a product that is slightly longer, but can deliver a higher maximum torque and RPM to meet your project needs, then the Makita XFD061 may be a better fit for you. Both of these products come with batteries, Star Protection Computer Controls, Extreme Protection technology, and a BL Brushless motor, making either an excellent option.

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