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Makita XT252M vs XT257M Review

These two pro kits have what you need for your next big job. They come complete with a hammer drill, an impact driver, two batteries, and a rapid charger. Just add your favorite bits and get to work! There are some differences between them, though. Let’s look at them both and see which one will be the best for you.

makita xt252m

makita xt252m

makita xt257m

makita xt257m









Makita XT252M LXT Lithium Ion Brushless Cordless Combo Kit, 2-Piece

First, let’s discuss the hammer drill because it’s the same tool in both kits. It’s the XPH07Z, which has more torque than either of the competitor models in its class. (Makita mentions the “red” and “yellow” competitors, which equate to Milwaukee and DeWalt.)

They really mean a lot of torque, over 300 inch-pounds more than the other guys’ tools, for a total of 1090in-lbs. That’s the reason why it comes with a side handle. You’re going to want to use two hands to hold it on tough jobs or your wrist is going to complain. This is not a little consumer drill for putting screws into drywall. This is a hole-making beast with a professional-grade brushless motor.

The specs on the XPH07Z say it can handle up to ½” in steel, 5/8” in masonry, and 3” in wood. All this from a cordless ½” drill. Good thing it comes with a battery that has 4.0Ah capacity. The metal ratcheting chuck is a necessity too, to endure this kind of power. (You may want to upgrade your bits!)

When the XPH07Z is working at its maximum, it hammers out 31,500bpm. This makes putting holes in masonry less like work and more like fun. If you’re working with lighter materials, there is a lower setting for up to 8250bpm and 550rpm, but I still wouldn’t recommend this drill for delicate jobs.

The impact driver in this kit is the XDT01Z. A lot of people prefer it over the driver in the kit below because the XDT01Z has three speeds, not just two. That makes for better control when fastening because you can match the speed to the materials. It puts out a maximum of 1460in-lbs of torque, a bit more than the driver in the other kit below. The driver is also a hair lighter in weight and a little smaller than the one in the other kit.

Like the hammer drill, the impact driver has a professional-grade brushless motor for longer tool life.(In case you didn’t know, people go on about brushless motors because they run cooler and don’t need maintenance like brushed motors do.) Both tools have LED lights that illuminate the drilling area. The light on the driver flashes when the tool battery is getting low.

Both tools come with XPT protection against moisture and dust. Their batteries are part of the LXT 18V Lithium-Ion lineup that charge in just 40 minutes on the included charger. They have built-in LED indicators to show how much charge is left. Since they are Li-Ion, they can be recharged even when they aren’t fully discharged. In fact, they will have a longer lifetime if they are not run all the way down. Give them a rest on the charger while you take a short break too.

High heat is another danger for Li-Ion batteries. The included charger has a fan to cool them off before charging. Both the tool and the charger protect against overload, overheating, and over-discharge. This is a great feature because these batteries are expensive to replace!

More features of the Makita XT252M kit

  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Kit includes the variable-speed hammer drill, variable-speed impact driver, DC18RC charger, two 18V BL1840 batteries, side handle, depth gauge, tool belt clip, and a case
  • Hammer drill weighs 5.9lbs with the battery
  • Impact driver weighs 3.3lbs with the battery

Makita XT257M 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Combo Kit, 2-Piece

This XT257M kit includes the same XPH07Z hammer drill described above, as well as the same model charger and 4.0Ah batteries, and the same accessories. It’s the impact driver that is different.

The impact driver is the XDT08Z. It has a 2-speed transmission instead of the 3-speed on the impact driver described above. The top torque is rated at 1420in-lbs, a little less than the other driver above, but still very respectable in a cordless tool. It has a brushless motor, but there’s no mention of the XPT dust-and-moisture protection that the hammer drill has. It has a built-in LED light to illuminate the work area. It’s a good driver; it just doesn’t have all the frills that the one in the other kit has.

To read more about the other parts included in this kit, see the description above.

More features of the Makita XT257M kit

  • Makita offers a 3-year limited warranty
  • The kit comes with the XPH07Z variable-speed hammer drill, the variable-speed impact driver, the DC18RC charger, two 18V BL1840 batteries, a side handle, depth gauge, tool belt clip, and a hard case
  • The driver weighs 3.4lbs with battery


These two kits are made for professionals as well as homeowners wanting the best tools available.

The hammer drill included in both kits is highly recommended. No matter which kit you choose, this drill is worth having.

If you plan to use the impact driver on a regular basis, and having the flexibility and control of three speeds appeals to you, get the XT252M kit. The driver has a little more torque and is a little smaller and lighter, which are important features to prevent fatigue on big jobs.

If a 2-speed impact driver is just fine with you, you may be very satisfied with the XT257M kit.

Click here to purchase Makita XT252M on Amazon!


Click here to purchase Makita XT257M on Amazon!