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Makita LXPH03 vs BHP454 Review

With many buildings being constructed in the residential and commercial construction industry on a daily basis, the need for a hammer drill kit becomes inevitable. The many brands and models in the market make selecting a suitable hammer drill kit quite difficult. This comprehensive review should reveal which of the two hammer drills is superior to the other.

Makita LXPH03

Makita LXPH03

Makita BHP454

Makita BHP454









The Makita LXPH03

The Makita LXPH03 hammer drill kit comes with metal gears housed in aluminum for optimal protection and durability. It features a flexible shift-lock drive system that moves between driving modes and hammer drilling. In order to illuminate your working space in case it gets dark, the drill kit comes with two LED lights with improved afterglow features. The LXPH03 drilling kit is easy to control and releases even pressure, thanks to its glove-fitting ergonomic shape.

Unlike previous Makita models, this model delivers 33% more power due to its 4-pole motor that produces a Max Torque of 750 in lbs, which is the best in the industry. Whether you need the kit for your hammer drilling, fastening or drilling applications, its double speed mechanical transmission rate of 0 to 400 and 0 to 2,000 RPM has you covered. The long compact design and 15.1 lbs weight ensures that you do not get tired easily when operating the kit.

The Makita LXPH03 drilling kit can be used in harsh conditions because it’s engineered with the XPT (Extreme Protection Technology) technology to give it water and dust resistance properties. The kit’s soft grip handle ensures that you attain maximum comfort during your drilling sessions. It is powered by LXT Li-ion battery for prolonged running time. The battery features 16 firm contact terminals for consistent power and reduced self-discharge up to 5 times lower to ensure the kit can be used any time.

The drilling kit also features a Rapid Optimum Charger that enhances battery life by controlling voltage, current and temperature during its 30-minute communication with the chip built into the battery throughout the process of charging. The charger comes with a built-in fan to enable it lower the battery’s temperature hence lengthening its life. The charger also has an ENERGY STAR label because it meets the strict standards put forth by the EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) and DOE (Department of Energy), making the kit energy-efficient.

The 3 year warranty servicing the drilling kit gives you a peace of mind. The battery and charger also come with a 1-year warranty. Other great features of the Makita LXPH03 driver drill kit include a depth gauge, side handle, tool case and belt clip.

The Makita BHP454

The Makita BHP454 drilling kit features all the above features of the LXPH03 model. However, it has exceptional features that set it apart from its rival. The batteries of this cordless drilling kit have a longer run-time, weigh up to 40% less, ready for use at any time, and self-discharge 5 times lower than the Makita LXPH03 model. The optimum charger operates faster and can charge the compact 18V Li-ion battery in just 15 minutes. It also has an in-built shock feature for battery protection. The Makita BHP454 drilling kit’s charger also comes with a Rapid Automotive feature for enhanced mobility; it can fit into the 12V DC socket ports found in cars and trucks.

The Makita BHP454 weighs 4.8 pounds which is less than LXPH03’s 15.1 pounds. It is also more powerful and faster with a minimum of 0 to 6,000 BPM (Blows per Minute) and a maximum of 0 to 22,500 BPM.


The two cordless drilling kits have versatile power provided by the engineered in-built motors that feature compact ergonomic and versatile designs. Since the BHP454 is more powerful, it is perfect for use in professional applications by contractors who need to drill concrete, or masons. If you are a homeowner with simple drilling needs, opt for the Makita LXPH03 hammer drive-drilling kit. If you are a pro in need of a more powerful tool that performs faster, go for the BHP454 model.


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