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Makita bhr241 vs bhr202 Review

Motor drivers have recently improved from an ordinary driver kit to a modern motor driver that helps contractors carry out a wide variety of tasks within a short and reasonable time. The Makita bhr241 and bhr202 are among the best motor drivers since they both have amazing features to enable them accomplish technical tasks. However, the question is which is the best motor driver between Makita bhr241 and bhr202? The good news is that this product review will help you compare the two products into details and help you arrive at the best motor driver that best fits your needs.

Makita BHR241

Makita BHR241

Makita BHR202

Makita BHR202









Makita bhr202

We will begin with the Makita bhr202 in this product comparison review. This product is manufactured by Makita and it includes interesting features that have been specially designed to comply with its use. It comes with a contractor bag-821007-X, Rapid Optimum Battery Charger-DC18RA, Two BL1830 18VLXT Lithium-Ion Batteries, Depth Gauge-324219-0, Side Handle-158057-6, 7/8-inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Kit and 18V Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion battery. All these features work together to ensure great versatility and easy handling for the best results. For greater accuracy during work, this product features a built-in LED light that illuminates the working area. It also helps the user to reduce fatigue during work, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. In addition, it has a chisel that can rotate full 360 degrees with different locking positions.


  • Built-in LED light that illuminates the working area for better accuracy;
  • Built-in torque limiter clutch that stops when the bit jams hit the rebar;
  • Comes with variable speed motor that provides 0-4,000 BPM and 0-1,100 RPM for double-faster drilling;
  • Includes a torque limiting clutch that prevents damaging of the gear by stopping gears automatically if bit binds;
  • Has 1-touch sliding chuck that enables faster bit changes;
  • Includes a worksite shock absorbent handle that is tested to protect the battery’s housing for longer durability;
  • Comes with a three-mode operation for ‘hammering only’, ‘hammering with rotation’ or ‘rotation only’ for a wide variety of applications;
  • Synchronized BPM and RPM that enables faster drilling; and
  • Includes Makita-built variable speed motor that provides 0-4,000 BPM and 0-1,000 RPM.

Makita BHR241

The Makita bhr241 is an excellent motor driver that comes with interesting features that enables it carry out its functions accurately. You can be assured of percussive, more efficient and faster drilling when you use the Makita bhr241 motor driver. It comes with a job site tested shock absorbent handle that promotes the durability of the battery housing. In cases where running a cord is not an option, the LXT Lithium-Ion battery makes it appropriate for remote use. On the other hand, in order to ensure stable torque control for a wide range of drilling applications, this tools has a built-in torque limiter and a 3-mode operation. In addition, this product also includes the following features: Contractor Bag – 821007-X, Thirty-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger, TwoBL1830-218V LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries, Depth Gauge – 324219-0, Side Handle – 158057-6, SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Kit – BHR241, and 18V Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion 7/8”.

Product features:

  • One year warranty on battery and three years warranty on tools;
  • Chisel that rotates with 40 different positions;
  • One-touch sliding chuck for quick bit changes;
  • Tested jobsite shock absorbent handle;
  • Torque limiting clutch that prevents damaging of the gear by disengaging gears;
  • Three-mode operation for “hammering only”, “hammering with rotation” or “rotation only” for various applications;
  • Synchronized BPM and RPM for faster drilling; and
  • Variable speed motor that provides 0-4,000 BPM and 0-1,000 RPM.


By now I believe that you have grabbed some tangible information about the two products, noting their similarities and differences. These similarities and differences should help you arrive at a precise decision that will help you identify the product that perfectly meets your needs. For example one difference between the two products is that unlike the Makita bhr241, the Makita bhr202 comes with an LED light that illuminates the working area when working in confined spaces. Therefore, you can prefer the bhr202 over the bhr241 if you need to work in a low-light area.


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