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Makita LCT200W vs LXT211 vs LXT218 Review

Makita Tools is celebrating 100 years in 2015.  Their first power tool, a planer, went on sale in 1958 and is still being sold today.

Maybe you’ve come to Makita because they’ve been around a long time and have a reputation for reliability. Just in case there is a problem, they offer a 3-year warranty on their power tools and a 1-year warranty on batteries and chargers.

Here are three Makita cordless drill and driver combo kits. Let’s discuss their features so you can make the best choice for the jobs you want to do.

Makita LCT200W

Makita LCT200W

Makita LXT218

Makita LXT218

Makita XT211

Makita XT211


Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 2-Piece

This kit contains the LXFD01CW 1/2-inch two-speed drill and the LXDT04CW variable speed impact driver. These two are smaller and lighter than the tools in the other kits and they come in a soft contractor bag. But don’t let appearances fool you.

Little Powerhouses

First, let’s look at the LXFD01CW drill. At 3.3 pounds and just over 7-1/2-inches long, it is the lightest and smallest drill of the three kits. But this drill has higher maximum torque when compared to the hammer drill in the LXT211 kit. It puts out 480 inch-pounds of twisting power.

The all-metal two-speed transmission has a low gear of 0-400rpm and a high gear of 0-1500rpm. There are 16 clutch settings, plus forward and reverse, so this drill can precisely manage a variety of jobs from sinking screws to drilling hardwood. Changing bits is easy with the tool-less chuck. The drill is equipped with an LED light for working in dark places.

Also included in this combo kit is the LXDT04CW 1/4-inch impact driver. Its 4-pole motor is variable speed, so more pressure on the trigger means faster spinning of the bit. This driver puts out more maximum torque at 1420 inch-pounds than the impact drivers in the other two kits. It weighs less at 2.8 pounds and measures less at 5.5 inches long. At 2300rpm it has 3200 blows-per-minute so you can drive screws into sheetrock without breaking a sweat. It also has an LED light.

The two 1.5Ah batteries in the kit charge in fifteen minutes on the included rapid charger, so there’s hardly any downtime on big projects. The Rapid Optimum Charger has a fan to cool the batteries. It is computer-controlled to avoid overheating, overcharging, and over-discharging them.

Features of the LCT200W Combo Kit:

    • LXFD01CW 1/2-inch two-speed drill
    • LXDT04CW 1/4-inch impact driver
    • Two 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries that recharge in 15 minutes
    • One rapid charger
    • Belt clips
    • Contractor bag

Makita LXT211 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit

Work in adverse conditions

This kit features a hammer drill and an impact driver that have Makita’s XPT Extreme Protection Technology. It makes them resistant to moisture and dust. Both tools have an LED light to illuminate the drilling area.

The hammer drill is the BHP452Z. It has a 1/2-inch chuck and a two-speed motor: 0-400rpm and 0-1500rpm. The maximum torque is 450 inch-pounds and maximum blows-per-minute are 22,500.

The variable speed impact driver in this kit is the BTD141Z. The driver has a one-hand chuck for quick bit changes. Its maximum torque is 1330 inch-pounds at 2300 rpm. It brakes automatically when the trigger is released to reduce the chance of stripping screws and sinking them too deep.

Both of these tools are heavier than the ones in the previous kit, but their T-shape and ergonomic handles help balance the weight for better control. The BHP452Z weighs just over 4 pounds with the battery and measures 8-3/4-inches long. The BTD141Z is 5-3/4-inches long and weighs about 3-1/2 pounds.

There are two 3.0Ah lithium-ion batteries and a 30-minute charger, two tool belt clips, and a hard plastic storage and carrying case.

Features of the LXT211Combo Kit:

    • 1/2-inch hammer drill BHP452Z
    • Variable speed 1/4-inch impact driver BTD141Z
    • Extreme Protection Technology dust and water resistance
    • Two 3.0Ah lithium-ion batteries that recharge in 30 minutes
    • One rapid charger
    • Belt clips
    • Hard plastic storage and carrying case

Makita LXT218 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit

Heavy-duty jobs

The LXPH03 1/2-inch hammer drill has a side-grip handle and adjustable depth rod for better control when it is banging away at rock. It has two transmission speeds: 0-400rpm and 0-2000rpm. It puts out a maximum torque of 750 inch-pounds, almost 30% more power than the hammer drill in the previous kit. It makes quick work of driving bolts into hardwood. Its tool-free chuck makes it easy to change bits for the next job.

The LXPH03 also sports a shift-lock drive sleeve, making for quick changes from hammer to driver. When in hammer mode it hits out a maximum of 30,000 blows-per-minute, making it possible to drill brick and concrete. This is not a drill for delicate projects. It weighs about five pounds and is 8-7/8 inches long, but it has an ergonomic design to balance the weight.

For working in dimly lit areas it has two LED lights for extra illumination.

Also in the kit it the ¼-inch hex shank LXDT04 variable-speed impact driver. It has forward and reverse action to drive and remove bolts and screws. Its maximum torque is 1420 inch-pounds but doesn’t have kickback. It can do a maximum of 3200 blows-per-minute. It has a one-touch chuck for one-handed bit changes and an LED light. The driver measures 5-7/16-inches long and weighs 3.3 pounds.

Features of the LXT218 Combo Kit:

    • LXPH03 1/2-inch hammer drill
    • LXDT04 1/4-inch impact driver
    • Extreme Protection Technology dust and water resistance
    • Two 3.0Ah lithium-ion batteries that recharge in 30 minutes
    • One rapid charger
    • Belt clips
    • Hard plastic storage and carrying case


For a no-nonsense set with good flexibility, consider the LCT200W kit. It works great for both the do-it-yourselfer around the house and the contractor on-site. The drill can handle a wide range of jobs from sinking screws in wood to drilling light masonry. The impact driver tackles harder driving jobs with ease. There’s minimum downtime with the super-fast 15-minute charger.

If you plan to work with a lot of hardwoods or rock and not fine woodwork, consider the two kits, LXT211 and LXT218, that contain powerful hammer drills. For medium-hard to tough jobs the LXT211 has tools that are a step up in power from the LCT200.

If weight or size isn’t an issue and power is a necessity, consider the LXT218 kit. The LXT218 has the most power of all three kits for heavy-duty jobs that don’t require a rotary hammer.

Finally, if you’re working in adverse conditions, also consider the two LXT kits. They have XPT protection against water and dust and 3.0Ah batteries that last longer between charges.


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